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Dental Examination


When you attend for your first appointment the dentist will usually carry out a full dental examination. This includes the following:

  • Check of your lymph nodes, jaw muscles and jaw joints

  • Oral soft tissue examination to check the health of your cheeks, your tongue and other oral soft tissues including checking for signs of oral cancer

  • Check of your teeth to assess for tooth decay (cavities)

  • Check of your gums to assess for signs of gum disease

  • The dentist may also take some x-rays to aid in diagnosis

Following the examination, the dentist will explain his findings to you in detail. He will then advise you if he feels you need any treatment and discuss all the various treatment options with you.

As a practice, we strongly believe in trying to prevent dental problems occurring in the first place. We will give you plenty of advice to help you look after your teeth and gums so you can avoid future dental problems.

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