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About Us

We are a family dental practice located in the heart of Knebworth and we have been providing general dental care to the local community for over 30 years.

Our aim is to provide the highest standards of dentistry to all our patients. We use the latest techniques and materials, and all staff undertake regular Continuous Professional Education to keep up to date with recent developments.

We understand that many patients can feel anxious about visiting the dentist and so we endeavour to provide care in a relaxed, comfortable, and friendly environment.

We place a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and offer plenty of advice to enable you to maintain your teeth and gums in a healthy state.

We like patients to be involved in decisions regarding their dental care. Once we have completed our examination, we always spend time explaining our findings to our patients and discussing all available treatment options.

Our practice offers both NHS and Private dental care, and many patients opt for a combination of both. 

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