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Appointment Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment, we normally send you emails and text messages, to help remind you of your appointment.

If you wish to cancel your appointment please give us at least 24 hours notice, so that we may offer your appointment to another patient. 

We are a busy practice and we have plenty of patients who would like to be seen.  Missed appointments and late cancellations, not only represent a cost to the practice, but mean that we cannot offer these appointments to other patients.

NHS Appointments:

Please note that if you fail to attend NHS appointments on multiple occasions, or cancel appointments without giving 24 hours notice, we may no longer be able to see you as an NHS patient.

Private Appointments:

If you fail to attend a private appointment, or cancel without giving 24 hours notice, a charge may be incurred. The charge would normally be £1 for every minute missed e.g. £15 for a 15 minute appointment.

New Patients:

For new patients, failure to attend your first appointment will mean we will not be able to see you again.

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